Melbourne Sling Meet

Meet with other Melbourne babywearers at Queens Park in Moonee Ponds (surrounded by Mt Alexander Rd, The Strand, Pascoe Vale Rd and Kellaway Av). Meeting is at cafe on the Mt Alexander side of the big pond, Melway ref: 28 J6.

About slingdad

Paulus lives in Brisbane with his wife and 3 boys, all of whom were worn since the day they were born. His story on how babywearing changed his life can be found here: He founded the Brisbane-area sling meets and the online Baby Carriers Downunder Google Group in 2007 as a way to share his experience (and overflowing stash!) to help local parents discover the joy of wearing their babies.
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7 Responses to Melbourne Sling Meet

  1. maria says:

    aww just missed it!!!!
    any more events coming up in melbourne?

  2. slingdad says:

    The next Melbourne sling meet is Aug 27. I’ve just updated the calendar. I think they are planning to make it a monthly meeting, every 4th Thursday of the month.

  3. maria says:

    awesome! thanks!
    we will be in New York City on the 27th!
    but i’ll will try to remember to check back
    about the September meet!

  4. gah! just missed it. will have to check back for the next one.

  5. maria says:

    any news on a september event?

  6. slingdad says:

    Nothing confirmed yet, but they’re talking about having a walk/get-together this Thursday to celebrate International Babywearing Week. I will post again when it is confirmed.

  7. Helen says:

    when’s the next Melbourne sling meet?

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