In Defense of the Snuggli

Not many people in these parts would recommend either the Snuggli, Baby Bjorn or similar carriers on grounds of comfort, value for money or good looks. However, many people adore them. The reason is right here:


If a Snuggli or Bjorn makes you and your baby feel this way, then go ahead and wear it with impunity. If, however, you’re experiencing pain or discomfort and want to keep wearing, you may want to consider another, more versatile carrier. You can check out our Selection Guide, join our forum or come to a slingmeet to try out some carriers, because those smiles are what babywearing is all about.

What babywearing is not all about is using your carrier and your kid to make yourself a hands-free beer holder.


About Steph

Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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4 Responses to In Defense of the Snuggli

  1. Lara says:

    Too cute! This would be an excellent way to promote babywearing in some households 😉

  2. Clare says:

    Great pics! I loved my Bjorn until it started to hurt. I loved being able to carry my baby on my front and have him close, and kiss his head.

  3. slingdad says:

    Love that last pic! Can that be considered underage drinking? 😉

    If someone’s looking for a buckle carrier that can do front facing out carry like the Bjorn but heaps more comfy, versatile, and long-lasting, have a look at the Pikkolo carrier by Catbird Baby (I would recommend the additional support belt also, even with littlies).

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