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Why I still wear my three-year-old

“You’re too big to be carried,” said the woman in the office, as Emmy climbed onto my back, ready for the walk home through the chaotic Indian traffic on market day. “You should be using those legs of yours!” “But … Continue reading

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Goodness Me, I Love Size Three!

Oh how do I love thee, Size Three? Let me count the ways: seven, give or take a few. Short wraps are versatile. They’re generally considered to be wraps size three and under (from about 2.1m to 3.2m in length … Continue reading

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Who What When Why Wear?

As I sit here typing, I have a 6 month old baby boy on my bare chest. He’s resisting sleep and has been out of sorts for a few days (I think it might be a tooth on the way, … Continue reading

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Cooling down at the pool

Babywearing at the pool or beach is not something that’s on the top of everyone’s list of priorities, but it certainly makes an enjoyable day out even more so when you have small children. Whether you have a dedicated pool … Continue reading

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Oxytocin: babywearing’s natural high

You may have heard about a hormone called oxytocin. It’s released during labour and birth to contract the uterus, when a mother feeds her baby (letting milk down), and during orgasm. Sometimes referred to as the love hormone, oxytocin elicits … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Snuggli

Not many people in these parts would recommend either the Snuggli, Baby Bjorn or similar carriers on grounds of comfort, value for money or good looks. However, many people adore them. The reason is right here: If a Snuggli or … Continue reading

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