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What’s Your Stash Strategy?

When I bought my first sling, I only needed the one. Then I needed a more comfortable one. Then the baby got a little bigger and there was another one. Then I realized I could sew them. Then I decided … Continue reading

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In sickness and in health

As parents, it is so difficult to see our little ones sick. We try to ease the suffering as best we can, but sometimes it seems there isn’t much we can do. Last week, my little Miss E., who is … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Girls Have All the Fun, Boys Can Wear Two Too!

Another in our posts on wearing two, this time we dial down the oestrogen and get a Dad’s perspective! For other posts on wearing two, see Ruby’s post on getting started with twins, Sarah’s post on wearing two with mei … Continue reading

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The ABC of ABCs

Asian-style Baby Carriers, that is. When I think of ABCs, I automatically think of the Mei Tai. Made popular by the Nursing Mothers Assocation (now known as the Australian Breastfeeding Assocation) in the 1960’s, the Mei Tai is traditionally used … Continue reading

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When a Bent Head is More than Plagiocephaly

Steph’s recent post on tummy-time mentions the increasing incidence of plagiocephaly – literally, a misshapen skull. One reason for the rise is certainly the increased numbers of babies sleeping on their back, which is recommended as being the safest way … Continue reading

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Wrapping Two… at Once

Another post in our series on wearing two. This time Steph looks at wrapping a toddler and a baby at the same time in a wrap. The same carries apply to wearing twins. Previous posts on wearing two include Ruby’s … Continue reading

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