Could Angelina Jolie be a tandem babywearer?

It’s tandem babywearing month at BCD blog and who are we to pass up a little celebrity fixation?

We all know that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are happy to use slings and carriers to keep their six children safe and happy. But has anyone ever seen a photo of Angelina or Brad carrying more than one child at once in slings?

This is the closest thing I could find. Kind of amusing, I guess. From weird celebrity art blog Gallery of the Absurd.

Angelina Jolie's multiple baby carrier

For other posts on tandem wearing, see Ruby’s post on wearing her newborn twins and Sarah’s post on wearing her toddler and infant together. How many kids can you wear at once? Can anyone outdo Lara Croft? Share in the comments section below!

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An addict who started dealing to support my habit, I have been using baby slings and carriers for a few years now. My children (Sophia, born 2004; Jools, born 2005; Billy, born 2007) are happy to be lugged around town in mei tais, ring slings, soft structured carriers, and occasionally a tablecloth.
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