In sickness and in health

As parents, it is so difficult to see our little ones sick. We try to ease the suffering as best we can, but sometimes it seems there isn’t much we can do.

Last week, my little Miss E., who is seven months old, was unwell. Nothing alarming, just a run-of-the-mill virus – high fevers, a bit of vomiting, loss of appetite and just general malaise. Being that she is my third child, I didn’t rush to the doctor right away (anyone seen that circulating email about birth order and how third children end up eating off the floor? It’s pretty much true in our house), but I did end up taking her eventually, when the fevers had been going on long enough to concern me a little. “Oh, goodness,” the doctor exclaimed when he looked at Miss E.’s throat, “that’s quite inflamed. She must have been suffering!”

“Suffering?” I thought. Well, not really, not that I noticed. We have been having lots of snuggles, but she hasn’t been too upset as long as she’s being carried.

And then I realised how much I love babywearing when my babies are sick. They need cuddles; I need to take care of my other children, do a smidgen of housework (I’m not Super Mum, but we do need clean underwear), and possibly even drink a cup of coffee.

When they are older, wearing them when they’re feeling poorly almost becomes a guilty pleasure. Guilty because of course I don’t want my children to be ill! But it is lovely to get those cuddles from a toddler who is usually tearing around at 100 miles an hour.

While in general I prefer two-shouldered carriers, I really find a hip carry is perfect for a sick baby or toddler wanting snuggles. Here is Miss E. in our pouch, suffering less than she may otherwise have:

Hip carry in a pouch

Just one tip: put the silk carriers away until sick baby stops vomiting. I won’t tell you whether or not I learned this the hard way.

Do you wear your baby more than usual when he/she is sick? Share your favourite carries or tips.

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2 Responses to In sickness and in health

  1. emmadavidson says:

    I also love ring slings for hip carries with sick kids. Quicker and easier to pop in/out when they need a nappy change. Plus it’s easier for me to let breastfed babies have short, frequent feeds when they’re in that position. Although my favourite ring sling is a hemp/silk blend, it’s machine washable and has stood up well to babies making messes.

  2. sarahr says:

    This is a terrible thing to admit, but I like having a mildly ill child…. the bwing cuddles are great and my spirited 3yo becomes a much nicer person when she’s sick!! I actually like front carries with a sick child, even though I rarely do them otherwise. I need the 2-shoulder support (my dd1 has always been heavy for her age and fortunately 9mo dd2 hasn’t been sick yet!) and she tend to stay in the carrier for hours on end. I’ve found that when sick she would eschew long naps and have short cat naps throughout the day, so I would just wear her a lot of the time. Going out for a walk is also a great way to pass the time when you have a sick child, and the vomit tends to create less mess…. it either hits the ground, if your child has the presence of mind to lean over (my 3yo was a pro at this after a few months in India) or just ends up down your shirt…. much easier to wash than a quilt or carpet!

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