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It’s Time to Get Serious: When Aliens Attack

Another in our series of informative posts on topics that just don’t get enough attention. We’ve discussed what to do in the certain event of a zombie apocalypse. Just in case that apocalypse is preceded by an alien invasion, we … Continue reading

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Sling Time is Not Tummy Time

One of the common misconceptions circulating in babywearing circles is that time upright in a carrier can be equated with “tummy time”, or time an infant spends playing on its tummy. These two activities should not be equated, there are … Continue reading

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The Sling Thing

A ring sling I found in an opp shop was my entrĂ© to baby wearing a bunch of years ago. Sure, friends had given me their old front packs, but they made my bulges look bulgier, and they seemed so … Continue reading

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Could Angelina Jolie be a tandem babywearer?

It’s tandem babywearing month at BCD blog and who are we to pass up a little celebrity fixation? We all know that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are happy to use slings and carriers to keep their six children safe … Continue reading

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Bringing Up Baby in a Sling

If you’ve been watching the ABC TV series Bringing Up Baby, you might want to know more about using slings like the Continuum Concept families have done. But first, a dose of reality. Because TV shows are definitely not reality. … Continue reading

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Wearing Two as a Way of Life

The next in our tandem babywearing series, Sarah talks about wearing her toddler and her infant. Previous posts on tandem babywearing include Ruby’s post on wearing her newborn twins. I never intended to spend several hours a day wearing a … Continue reading

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