How To Share the Love

Previously, we discussed why sharing the love is a wonderful idea. This post gives you some tips on how to do it.

One amazing grandmother and a very happy newborn!

If your wearer is using a carrier for the first time, it’s important to keep it simple. A double hammock tandem carry is probably not a good idea. On the other hand, a front carry in a ring sling, mei tai, SSC or a pre-tied wrap may work very well. Often, people who have only worn a baby a few times feel more comfortable with front carries. Unless you’re my sister, who spontaneously hip-scooted our toddler onto her back for the first time in a carpark one day just because she could. She’s brave like that.

Adjustability is important, but you don’t want to fiddle too much with the carrier because it tends to make a new wearer nervous. A simple carry that can be put on and off with ease is ideal. Be prepared to help the first few times and then stand back and let the new wearer at it. One new-to-babywearing family friend put it like this, “I had only seen some clips on the web of the different techniques of baby wearing and really enjoyed taking I. for a walk – we were both really comfortable and he felt really secure on my back. I am really looking forward to another visit when we can go for a walk again and give some different configurations a go.” If you introduce the carrier with some forthought, then your new babywearer will be more comfortable during the process.

Toddler I. and his “Fairly Odd Parent”!

Pick a time when your baby is comfortable and happy. Even though you may be desperate for a break, if your teething baby with an ear infection is tied onto grandma when she’s also desperately hungry, it’s unlikely to be a pleasant experience for anyone and, more to the point, unlikely to be repeated. Stick to times when your baby is likely to enjoy the experience. Once the wearee is in the carrier, suggest a brisk walk. Babies and toddlers who do not like to be worn in the relative quiet of the indoors often settle once they’re outside with plenty of things to look at. A calm baby will allow the wearer to enjoy the closeness of the time together without worrying that he or she is “doing it wrong”. Conversion to the babywearing cause will surely follow.

Hopefully this post provides you with a few tips to get your baby’s loved ones started. Once they’re borrowing your stash or ringing you excitedly to tell you about the new wrap releases of a Friday morning, you’ll know you’ve got them hooked. More to the point, you’ll know that they’re enjoying these precious moments of your child’s babyhood along with you. Memories to keep forever.

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