Sharing the Love: Siblings

Heather tells us about siblings and babywearing- a fun package for fun times!

As Nadia and Noah demonstrated in an earlier blog post, sibling wearing is another way to use your carrier. Children love to imitate adults, and are naturally interested in playing ‘parent’ to their younger sibling. Sibling wearing strengthens childrens’ bond, gives older siblings an opportunity to practice their “parenting”. Additionally, by allowing your older child to wear the younger, you have a momentary break to do something for yourself or to spend with another child. If you have a blended family, sibling wearing can be a great way to help the older child welcome the new baby into the family. Chances are both children will be amused by the variation.

Some things to consider before encouraging sibling wearing:
• The wearer needs to be substantially older than the wearee; a preschooler is too young
• The wearer needs to be physically capable of wearing a younger sibling
• Choose a carrier that is relatively easy to use with adult help (Mei Tais and Ring Slings are recommended); the adult may need to help the older child put on the carrier and then tie on the wearee
• An adult needs to be close by at all times

Best of all, it’s fun!

Thanks to models Simon (8) and Gabriel (16 months)!

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