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Babywearing post C-Section

Birth doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes it does go to plan and that plan involves a caesar. This can present its own babywearing challenges and Rae, who’s been there twice, lets us in on her strategies for babywearing after … Continue reading

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On Display

Parenting in Public Ain’t For Wimps. From the minute we have left the “safety” of closed doors, we are a walking, talking, mobile piece of artwork. We’re visible. The choices we make are on display. And if you choose to … Continue reading

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Babywearing After a Caesarean

When your baby has been born by caesarean after a long failed VBAC attempt, your milk isn’t coming in fast enough, and you’re tired, what do you do? Wear your baby! Babywearing post-caesarean doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Carnival of Breastfeeding! Our theme this month is “Personal Stories” and my story of traveling to one of my favourite places, nursling and wearee in tow, is below. If you’ve arrived here for the first time, you … Continue reading

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Blended Fibers: Support and Market Positioning

There’s nothing that gets an internet babywearing forum jiving like the prospect of a new silk wrap. Or a hemp wrap. Or a linen. Or a wool. Blended fibers are the wrap du jour! We’ve talked before about how creating … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Onbus But Were Afraid To Ask

Well, maybe not everything…. But enough to convince you that you have to try one. Onbuhimos (onbus) are traditional Japanese baby carriers. They look a lot like Mei Tais but have rings at the bottom instead of straps. Why you … Continue reading

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