One Week as a Wrapper – Day 6

Something strange happens as I ruck Meena on my back this afternoon – I enjoy it. For the first time it feels instinctive and I get her in position without even thinking about what goes where. It’s not a technique that follows any online instructions by an expert and probably won’t impress seasoned wrappers out there – but it seems to work for us. And I’m not worried about dropping her in the process – another first.

Lightbulb Moment No. 1 – Why a wrap is better than a mei tai, pod or onbu if your baby likes to tuck her arms in during the tying process.

Ever tossed your baby on to your back in your trusty ABC, only to have her tuck in her arms before you get it tied, and nearly plunge to the floor? That doesn’t happen in a wrap. Meena’s wriggly body is pinned securely to my back from armpit to knee even as I fiddle inexpertly with the rails.

Lightbulb Moment No. 2if the baby’s bum hasn’t popped out of a ruck after a week of wrapping, it’s not something you need to be in a constant state of panic about.

If there’s one thing I was more worried about than anything else before the start of this week, it was the dreaded Rucksack Bum-Popping. I had visions of my child falling out, or at least dangling precariously by her armpits in front of shocked crowds, creating a babywearing public-relations nightmare. After a week of doing rucks that have been at best messy and at worst totally incompetent, I haven’t come close to a bum-popping incident. I think I can relax.

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3 Responses to One Week as a Wrapper – Day 6

  1. Elisa says:

    Love this line, “in front of shocked crowds, creating a babywearing public-relations nightmare.” I feel like that, too!! Maybe with this encouragement, I can now bold enough to try wrapping more…

  2. Nat says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for getting me to ruck again. Slung the 3yo up today – I had forgotten just how fantastic a good ruck feels.

  3. sarahr says:

    Glad I could get a few more people wrapping (again)! The fear factor has really been the biggest impediment for me, and once I got over that it was much easier.

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