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Is Wearing my Child the Cause or the Cure of her High Needs?

On a babywearing blog, I suppose the argument I’m going to make here isn’t that surprising. It’s the cure, not the cause. Here’s my story: I have a high needs baby. She’s mindblowing. There is only one person she wants … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Slingmeets

She’s a’coming and she’s going to be a biggun. Where: Parliament House, Canberra (Australia) When: 7th September, 2009, 11:30 am. Why: It’s Homebirth Australia’s rally. It turns out that a lot of babywearers are either homebirthers or supportive of a … Continue reading

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Babywearing while Injured: Shoulders

This is the first in a series of posts aimed at helping parents with special needs. Here, we look at babywearing with a shoulder injury. You’d like to wear your baby or older child, but red-hot pain is holding you … Continue reading

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Thanks for Your Patience: We Now Return You to Your Scheduled Program

Thanks for bearing with us. I’ve shovelled my way out and I’m back to blogging! Stay tuned for babywearing while injured (ask me how I know), slip knot tutorials, high needs kids, more on breastfeeding hands free, the mother of … Continue reading

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A Babywearing Birth Story

This is a story of how babywearing helped us cope with a sticky situation, in this case an unplanned birth… A year ago yesterday, my wife Mel was 37 week pregnant with our third son. Our two older boys (then-5-year-old … Continue reading

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The Colour Purple

I’ve had a lot of carriers go through my hands. I often refer to the beginnings of my retail business as “dealing to support my own addiction”. But I don’t think I’ve ever owned a purple sling. And yet, this … Continue reading

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