Come Join the BCD WOE August Challenge!

We like acronyms down here and we love to wrap. We also know how hard it can be to learn. Welcome to the Wrap Once Everyday Challenge. Jess has organized it brilliantly and outlines the challenge below. Meanwhile, I apologize for being over a week late in getting it to blog!

The challenge set for this month is to wrap once every day.



a) wrapping takes practise, this will help you perfect your skills as a fabulous wrapper; and
b) ‘cos it’s fun to expand your horizons with babywearing!

There Are Only Two Rules:

1. Give every carry a try!
2. Post (minimum, there is no maximum) 2 photos for the entire challenge to the google group. It does not matter if the photos are dodgy, as photo critique is a great way for others to help you out with a carry you may be experiencing issues with.

Timeline of Events: August

1st (Front Wrap Cross Carry) FWCC
4th (Back Wrap Cross Carry) BWCC
7th Ruck
10th (Reinforced Ruck/Ruck tied Under Bum) RR/RUB
13th (Hip Cross Carry) HCC
16th (Kangaroo Carry) KC
19th (Secure High Back Carry) SHBC
22nd (Jordan’s Back Carry) JBC
25th (Poppins’ Hip Carry) PHC
28th Rebozo

There will be a post on blog for every carry with tips, tricks, tutorials and links. You can join the chatter, ask for help and amire the photographs here.

About Steph

Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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  1. Kire says:

    Hi Emma what a great post. My son’s first rally was in a carrier too (a woven wrap back carry LOL I still reemmber). I actually found some of the security a bit annoying at that rally as when we sat down to give DS his lunch (in a public square) we were asked to move on I agree that it is great to see parents having a say. I felt very sad the day that Green’s Senator Hansen-Young had her toddler kicked out of parliament when she was attending for a simple raise of hands. Any parent knows that it is possible to multitask otherwise we would not get anything done! I felt sad because if this is the kind of attitude our public institutions have to parents then how are we going to get parents, and mums with young kids especially, into parliament to be able to represent our interests.

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