Welcome to the WOE Challenge, BWCC (that’s Wrap Once Every Day, and Back Wrap Cross Carry for those not in the know!). Here are Jess and Paulus’ tips, tricks and internet picks! As always, you can join in the chatter, get some help or admire the wraps, wrappers and wrappees here.

Video & Instructions:

  • Video here
  • Tutorial here
  • Instructions to do the carry with ruck straps here
  • Instructions to do the carry with chest belt here. (If you have a shoulder injury or mobility issues, this may be your best option.)

Tips and tricks:

  • If in doubt, try it first with the chest belt as it helps “pin” babe on your back while you wrap
  • If wrapping with a small baby – make sure your babe is not gassy as, although it can be warming in Winter, you really don’t want bebe vomming all down your back

For those doing the BWCC (or any carry that requires you to spread wrap behind baby’s back):

  • Don’t toss the wrap onto your back and try to figure out how to spread it out then. You’ll most likely end up confusing yourself on which rail goes where.
  • It’s much easier to handle the top rail ONLY and (if you’re handling the RIGHT tail going over the right shoulder using your right arm):
    (a) Pass the top rail from your right hand in front, over your shoulder (and over your baby’s shoulder – this will prevent the leaning back issue), onto your left hand behind you.
    (b) At this point your left hand is holding the top rail behind your back, and you can use your right hand to grab the bottom rail behind you and help spread out the wrap behind baby’s back. Think diagonal when spreading out behind baby’s back – you want the top rail to go from bub’s right shoulder across to her left side, and the bottom rail to go from the top of your right arm down to under your bub’s left leg.
    (c) After a good spread is achieved, pass the bottom rail to your left hand (still behind you, and now holding the entire tail in a bunch) and tuck the tail under bub’s left leg, bring around to your front, and tuck tail under your legs.
    (d) Repeat with the left tail.
  • If you look carefully at the first BWCC video above, the wrapper basically did the same steps I described above but faster. 🙂 I also find these photo tutes helpful to illustrate these steps: Tute One, Tute Two. These are all in our Wrap Instructions Links page.

Thanks to Jess and Paulus for a fantastic intro to the BWCC. Do you BWCC? Do you like it? Which variation is your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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