Welcome to the WOE Ruck (Wrap Once Every Day). Here are Jess’ tips, tricks and internet picks. As always, you can join in the chatter, get some help or admire the wraps, wrappers and wrappees here.


  • Picture tute here.
  • Video tutes here and here.
  • Paulus video tute showing sandwiching of the shoulders here.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When wrapping a small baby, align the top of their shoulders to the top rail of the wrap
  • Tuck the bottom rail under the child’s butt to make a “pouch” for them to sit into, if possible try to get that fabric up under their needs
  • I find it easier to cross the straps at the back together at the same time in one fluid motion
  • Focus less on the bottom rail and more on the top – but don’t obsess, it will not be perfect the first few times!
  • Don’t forget that final “hop” at the end before you tie in front to get rid of the slack and make it a nice firm carry.
  • For smaller bubs who are still “froggied” you can just keep their feet in ala SHBC and wrap over them by first creating a small pocket for the feet by folding up the bottom rail.

Paulus’ tips for a consistently comfortable shoulder (see Paulus’ video linked above):

  • Basically you focus on one shoulder at a time (put the other tail between your legs), get that top rail (one closest to your neck) taut by tucking it under your chin (or use your teeth ;)), and then flip/fold the bottom/outer rail in half from your arm up to the top rail near your neck.
  • If you find it still too wide on your shoulder, do another outer to inner fold (so you essentially fold it into quarter length – or four neatly folded layers of wrap on your shoulder).
  • An optional step after this is to do a outer-to-inner twist of the tail down near your armpit to ‘lock’ the shoulder folds.
  • Then take the tail back around to the other side as normal, tuck under legs, and repeat with the other shoulder.

Thanks to Jess (and Paulus) for introducing one of my favourite carries for newborns through to preschoolers! Do you use the ruck or are you “ruck challenged”? What helped the ruck “click” for you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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2 Responses to WOE:Ruck

  1. Rae says:

    Lots of good info on rucks. Hmm… after rucking now for nearly four years, I though to add a couple of ideas that have worked long term for me:

    Babies almost never undo a ruck from up top – it’s always the bum that goes loose. The best rucks have a LOOSE bottom rail initially, then the over/under part of the process secures them. Because there is simply so much fabric pulled down under the crossover, the ruck stays put. The worst rucks (read, bum pop) occur when I fuss with that bottom rail – it’s basically a pocket, and needs room to be:-)

    With the shoulders – I don’t fold, I twist each inwards a couple of times, and tie a chest belt at the base of the throat, keeping tension on the rails. Then over/under legs, bounce, and tie off. This version of the ruck has all the advantages of speed, along with comfort if bub falls asleep.

    Rucks have stood the test of time for me, and I still turn to them daily. We use them as our primary back carry for their ease and speed!

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