High Needs Baby: Update

It’s probably time for an update on my high needs cherub. As I blogged about awhile ago, I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks wearing her as consistently as possible and as often as practicable. The theory was that it would offer her enough security to help her move through this permanent state of mindblowing neediness stage. She’s been worn daily, coslept and breastfed on demand since birth, but something told me that perhaps it wasn’t enough physical attachment to me for this child to be fully secure. So I stepped it up.

It’s working. I think.

She’s not a suddenly altered personality, she’s still (very much) a high needs kiddo, but something tells me we’re on the way up. We’ve also been working on helping her trust her Dad to put her (gently) to sleep and she’s turned a corner there too. It may not have anything to do with babywearing, it may be the natural shift in her development. At least it’s made me feel like I was doing something to help! She’s still anxious if I am around, but not actively engaged with her, but babywearing helps with that one way or another.

She’s 11 months old and the smiles I catch in the mirror as we pass by (or stop and make faces) make me want to wear her forever. I think we’ll keep this up. Just in case.

What worked for your high needs baby? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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