It’s Time to Get Serious: Surviving a Nuclear War

Today, we’re getting serious again. There’s not much more serious than discussing how to survive a nuclear war (except on this blog). Next week, we’ll talk about discussing a post apocalyptic war-zone, which is quite a different kettle of fish carrier stash.

In order to survive a nuclear war, babywearer-style, it’s quite simple. You need a bomb-proof carrier. Certain wraps have that reputation, as do certain ring slings and mei tais. Check your favourite babywearing forum for suggestions.

Once you have enough bomb-proof carriers for the entire family, you need to consider your options. This is a good occasion to justify a large, albeit simple, stash.

You may like to build a bomb-shelter out of your bomb-proof carriers. A simple wrap tent will be able to cover a reasonable number of people and supplies, however beware of fall out concerns. The wrap may be bomb-proof, but is it rated for radiation? You may like to take some precautionary measures, such as removing the casings from all the microwaves in the neighbourhood and using those to line your bomb-proof tent.

If mei tais are more your thing, you may wish to tie one onto each member of the family to act as body armour in the event of a bomb-strike. Ring slings have the dual advantage of not only providing protection from falling ordinance, but the rings can also be used as pulleys for post-apocalypse reconstruction- more on that next time.

Above all, do not panic. A babywearer is always prepared for any emergency, so keep that bomb-proof carrier within arm’s reach and when the time comes, remember to be creative!

What’s your favourite bomb-proof carrier? What’s it lived through? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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