Newborn Wrapping is an Art Form…

… and our friends at Magic City Slingers have found a great video tutorial on how to do it. Two great things about the video are that it shows how to twist the tails of the FWCC to make a cooler carry (this would work really well with a summer newborn) and making a headrest out of a burp cloth.

If you’ve got a newborn or know someone who has, check this video out!

What are your best newborn wrapping tips? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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2 Responses to Newborn Wrapping is an Art Form…

  1. Kerry MS says:

    I can’t find the link! 🙂

  2. Kerry MS says:

    OH dear – now I found it – serious case of Mummy brain sorry!

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