Blog back up but still under construction…

If you haven’t heard, our blog was hit with a bad case of malware a few weeks ago which forced us to take it down and move it to a new web host. There have been a few glitches and delays while bringing it back up, and as you can see some things are still not working (missing pages, comments, plugins like Event Calendar, etc.). We appreciate your patience while we work through the issues.

Also we have decided to do away with the old template, hence the current generic header image. We promise it will be replaced with something better though! We will be running a competition in our Google Group forum to design a new header image for the blog so if you are interested please join our Google Group ( Our Google Group is always very active and full of caring & supportive people willing to help you with any babywearing or general parenting questions.

As always we welcome any suggestions to improve the blog. Please add them in the comments section. Thanks everyone and Happy Babywearing!

About slingdad

Paulus lives in Brisbane with his wife and 3 boys, all of whom were worn since the day they were born. His story on how babywearing changed his life can be found here: He founded the Brisbane-area sling meets and the online Baby Carriers Downunder Google Group in 2007 as a way to share his experience (and overflowing stash!) to help local parents discover the joy of wearing their babies.
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