The links are working again!

We finally got the links and comments working again – yay! Now we just need a new header image to replace the default WordPress one. We’ll be running a little contest to design our new header image in the Google Group soon so keep an eye out for the announcement (you’ll need to join the group first if you’re not a member already).

Thanks everyone for your patience and let us know if you see any other issues with the site. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

About slingdad

Paulus lives in Brisbane with his wife and 3 boys, all of whom were worn since the day they were born. His story on how babywearing changed his life can be found here: He founded the Brisbane-area sling meets and the online Baby Carriers Downunder Google Group in 2007 as a way to share his experience (and overflowing stash!) to help local parents discover the joy of wearing their babies.
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