Links to BCD’s Favourite Wrap Instructions!

And another from our archives, here is our very favourite instructions of all time! I’ll update this over time, so if there’s anything that needs adding: let me know in the comments!

Useful Instructions

TBW Comprehensive Wrap Instruction Links Table

Stretchy Wrap Instructions

Peppermint’s Woven Wrap Instructions

Miscellaneous methods for getting your baby on your back

How to make a no-sew Ring Sling from a short wrap

Wrapsody Channel on YouTube (videos of various wrap carriers)

Babywearing Channel on YouTube (videos of various carries in a wrap and other carriers)

Front Carry with a long wrap (4-5m)

BCD’s FWCC information

Front Cross Carry (FCC)

Breastfeeding in FCC (video)

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) plus breastfeeding (video)

FWCC with larger baby, transition from a back carry (video)

Miscellaneous carries you can do with an X in front, including high burp carry for newborn, semi-reclining, etc. (video) 

Front Carry with a short wrap (3-4m)

Kangaroo Front Carry

Kangaroo Front Carry (video)

Semi-FWCC with a rebozo

Back Carry with a short wrap (3-4m)

Rucksack Back Carry (pic tutorial)

Rucksack Back Carry (video) – showing shoulder flip

Another Rucksack Back Carry – with detailed tips on preventing bum-popping

BCD’s ruck information

Rucksack with Sandwiched Shoulders

Rucksack with Chest Belt (video)

Rucksack with Lexi twist (video)

Reinforced Rucksack (video)  – good for heavy babies

Reinforced Rucksack (pics)

Reinforced Rucksack with sandwiched shoulders (video)

Tibetan Rucksack Back Carry

Newborn Tibetan Back Carry

Back Carry with a long wrap (4-5m)

Secured High Back Carry (SHBC) – good for wiggly babies/toddlers

SHBC (video)

SHBC with rucksack straps (video)

SHBC with a newborn and Superman toss (video)

SHBC with a newborn and Santa toss (video)

Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) with Chest Belt (CB)

BWCC with CB (video)

BCD’s BWCC information

Another BWCC with CB with wrap ends off the ground (video)

BWCC with Rucksack straps

Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC)

JBC (video)

SHBC/JBC Hybrid Back Carry (video)

Another SHBC/JBC variation (video) – Giselle’s Back Carry

Wiggle-Proof Back Carry (WPBC)

WPBC (video)

Double Hammock / Chunei Back Carry:

Double Back Cross Carry:

Hip Carry

– How to make a slipknot in rebozo

BCD’s slipknot tute

BCD’s square knot tute

– Simple “pouch” hip carry with a double knot

Rebozo hip carry with slipknot (video)

Beckysue’s Hip Carry with long wrap

Another pic instructions of Beckysue’s Hip Carry (at

A video of this hip carry (with lexi twist)

Hip Pouch – hip carry with a longer wrap (video) 

Hip Cross Carry (instructions)

Hip Cross Carry (video)

Coolest Hip Cross Carry (CHCC)

CHCC (video)

Carrying Twins in a long wrap

Front & back carry video

Two in front in one wrap (video)

Wearing two in one wrap – front and back cross carries (video)

Two in two wraps, front & back (video)

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  1. Annie says:

    So great to have these links here again, so that there’s someone to send new babywearers too (and to do a bit of a refresh ourselves when we need it!)

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