The ACCC Baby Sling Safety Alert

Last year, following several unfortunate deaths in a number of countries, the ACCC published a Safety Alert on Baby Slings. In it, the issues of safe positioning were outlined.

There were four main safety tips the ACCC highlighted:

– Choose a well-fitting sling which can be used with safe positioning and comes with good instructions.

– When wearing, follow manufacturers’ instructions and remember safe positioning (TICKS is easy to remember, we talked about it here) and do not cover the baby’s face with either your body or the sling.

– When using the sling, be aware of dangers to yourself or the baby in the environment around you

– Check the baby regularly for signs of respiratory difficulty including poor positioning, grunting, wheezing, whistling breaths, laboured or rapid breathing, poor infant skin tone OR general fussiness, restlessness or squirming.

The ACCC does not state that slings are dangerous when used properly, but they do highlight the need for vigilance when using this piece of baby equipment, just as we would any other baby item.

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  1. Jake says:

    A great DIY sling. What ring size did you buy? Should I buy thicker fabcirs to ensure that it is stronger to hold baby’s weight?My baby (16 months) old refuses the stroller and wails each time. I have a front pouch which she loves and easily doze off in it. But the problem with the pouch is that it has too many clips and straps.As shes is 10-11kg now, it is so heavy. Would such a sling be better, especially for travelling?Thanks.

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