Babywearing Articles

A selection of articles and links collected by our members over many years: resurrected from the archives!

Why should I wear my baby?

Excerpts from Babywearing by Maria Blois, M.D.

Dr. Sears article on Babywearing

The Importance of the In-Arms phase (by Jean Liedloff)

Excerpts from The Vital Touch

My personal babywearing experience

Which carrier(s) is right for me?

Overview of Baby Carrier Types

– Try different carriers before you buy by participating in the Carrier Loaners Program or Travelling Sling Program (conditions apply)

How do I use my baby carrier(s)?

Correct Positioning for a Newborn in Carriers (a must-read for expectant parents!)

– Instructions on how to breastfeed (and carry a newborn/preemie) in a ring sling or wrap

Babywearing Basics with tips on how to use carriers properly

Wrap Instructions page

Mei Tai and Asian-Baby Carrier wearing instructions

Ring Sling wearing instructions and tips

Soft Structured Carrier wearing instructions and tips

Pouch wearing instructions

Where can I buy good baby carriers in Australia & New Zealand?

– Through our Group Pre-Orders and Coops

– Using one of the Vendors of Babywearing Products in Australia & New Zealand

Used/Lower Price

– You can often find gently used carriers in our For Sale Or Trade (FSOT) thread in the Discussions sticky (you can also place a “Wanted” ad)

Babywearing Buy Sell Swap has a very active trading community

How do I make my own carrier?

– For those that can sew, there is a Do It Yourself forum on with a lot of instructions for making your own pouch, ring sling, Mei Tai, etc.

– Sleeping Baby Productions also offers free patterns and detailed instructions for making your own carriers, including tips on selecting the right fabric and quality materials, at

– also has a make your own no-sew carriers section

What NOT to Buy

Please be very careful when purchasing cheap carriers on eBay. You usually get what you pay for, and a used “brand name” carrier may be a better deal than a “brand new” cheap carrier on eBay. These carriers may be budget priced but they are also often budget designed, only useful for a very short period of time and some are even unsafe (suffocation risk or so poorly designed that baby would be in danger of falling out). Keep in mind, a fabric baby carrier is going to help you hold your most precious possession: your child. You will want to invest in a carrier that will not only be safe and comfortable but also be the piece of baby gear you will be able to use for years to come.
Here’s a thread on forum that shows you how to test your carriers for safety:

You can find a lot more info & articles on and Forum. Of course, feel free to ask any questions in our Discussions section.

This post came from our google group archives that were taken offline about two years ago. Too good not to save in some format, some of the links may be wonky after so many years, but the information is great!

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