I Think I Bought a Fake Carrier: What Do I Do?

Babywearer’s Circle just posted their Top Five Tips for avoiding a babywearing scam. It’s a good read for everyone who is buying a baby carrier.

Unfortunately, what do you do if you are scammed? Here is our top five tips for victims of scamming:

  1. Report it to the distributor, this is useful information to them. They do their best to shut down unauthorised and scamming sites, but they could use our help.
  2. If you paid by non-gifted paypal, file a claim for “item not as described”. If you paid by credit card, request your bank do a charge back for “item not as described”. If you bought on eBay or other trading community, report the seller. Sometimes sellers will accept the return if they genuinely did not know the product was fake. Often a scam-artist will seem like the nicest person you ever met and do anything to avoid you making your paypal or credit card claim within the time period you have available: don’t miss your window. File then sort it out.
  3. If you are left with a fake product on your hands, you cannot ethically sell it on. That said, you may not have the money left to buy a new and genuine one. We do not recommend fake items be used since the quality of the materials used are often poor and the testing they undergo is non-existent. If you do decide to use the carrier you’re stuck with, make sure you give it a thorough testing following the instructions here.
  4. If you decide you want to get rid of the carrier, there are sling groups who would like a donation in order to demonstrate the differences between real and fake carriers. Otherwise, please do not gift it to goodwill. Gifting it to someone handy at upcycling things might be another option.
  5. You have been the victim of a crime, go gently on yourself. Remember this was not your fault. You have no reason to be ashamed of other people’s bad behaviour.

How do you stay safe?

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2 Responses to I Think I Bought a Fake Carrier: What Do I Do?

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  2. Robyn Turner says:

    This is good information on what to do if caught out. There are also great ways to avoid being scammed in the first place.

    1. Check the distributor website for authorised stockists and make sure you buy directly from them.
    2. If buying second hand always make sure you find out where it was purchased from and if possible ask to see a copy of the store receipt.
    3. For common fakes of carriers like Ergobaby, remember that retailers of Ergobaby are not allowed to use Ergobaby in their business name. Australian retailers stores also need to end with .com.au rather than .com and NZ retailers need to end with .co.nz.

    The more awareness of fakes around, the better chance of avoiding purchasing one.

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