Babywearing Ages and Stages: The Little Baby (3-6 Months)

Your baby is no longer a newborn: but he or she is still little! Quite a bit heavier, with good head control and some core stability developing: there are more babywearing horizons opening up all the time!

What Works Well:

Ring slings still work really well for babies of this age, but your baby may becoming too heavy to wear on one shoulder for an extended period. Woven wraps are still the most flexible carrier, but maybe they don’t interest you too much. Stretchy wraps may not be offering you enough support by the end of this stage either.

Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) and mei tais really begin to shine at this age. Babies are becoming old enough and big enough to leave the infant inserts behind. Mei tais are easier to tie from this age onwards. You may even be ready to try back carrying your baby in them by the end of this stage depending on their weight.

Things To Watch Out For:

Despite the many options expanding in this age range, there are a couple of hiccups that parents may face along the way.

– You may find that your baby does not want to be in a front carry as much any more. He or she may fight it and become quite grumpy whereas before he or she loved it. Babies of this age are often becoming more curious and have an intense desire to see the world around them. Parents often interpret this as a need to try front carries: and you can if you wish. However, they rarely offer ideal positioning for the baby and can, frankly, be tough on the parents’ back! An easy alternative is the hip carry or a high back carry. You’re comfortable, baby is comfortable and┬ácan see everything he or she wishes.

– Too big for Option A, too small for Option B! This is also a tough age, the baby may have nearly outgrown the infant insert or “froggying” in the mei tai but isn’t quite there yet: in the meantime you’re both frustrated! This one is tough. One option is another carrier, but you may not wish to spend money on another carrier when you have one you love and will be fine in a few weeks time again. You can try one leg in and one leg out of the carrier or insert and see if that solves the problem- some babies love it! Just make sure to switch legs regularly.

– If your baby is still showing signs of not wanting to be worn, don’t despair. It’s quite common around this age. Try putting them in the carrier when they are relaxed and happy. Try feeding them in the carrier if you can. Once they’re in the carrier, go for a brisk walk and see if that settles them down. They’re also at the stage where they are sleeping less and are interested in more, so they may associated the carrier with sleep and want to see something new instead!

What’s your favourite part about wearing at this age? Leave a comment and let us know!

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