Wearing A Child With Talipes

A wonderful been-there-done-that post by Ellen Coombes whose daughter has talipes, commonly known as club feet. The treatment for talipes often involves casts or brace and Ellen offers some suggestions for babywearing with both types.


When the baby is in casts they need to be kept in a lying down position the majority of the time to avoid swelling and loss of circulation. This makes wearing them very restrictive. Adjustable slings or short woven wraps are good at this stage, you need to be able to wear the child in a cradle type carry.


Once the baby is in a brace your are able to wear them in positions where they can be up looking around. Woven wraps are great at this stage. If the bar clips out of the boots then you can wrap the baby with the bar off and then clip it back on once your finished wrapping. It is difficult to get the baby in the optimal position especially when they are very small because their legs and knees will only move apart so far due to the brace, as they get bigger it will become easier. Sitting down is  very difficult while wearing a child in a brace, try and plan your baby wearing for times when you will be up and moving about.

Soft Structured Carriers and Mei Tai’s tend to be too wide at the base but there are some Carriers that snap down smaller for little babies and some Mei Tai’s have a chinchable base so that they can be made smaller. A FWCC (Front Wrap Cross Carry) using a woven wrap tends to be the easiest and most comfortable for wearer and baby. Back carries are possible but you may need help to get the bar clipped back on.

 Thankyou Ellen for taking the time to get this information out there, it’s hard to find good babywearing information on wearing children with talipes and this will be invaluable to many!

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