Babywearing Ages and Stages: Big Babies (6-12 Months)

Your baby is possibly sitting up now, or thinking about it. He or she may be keen on exploring the world from the ground, but still wanting lots of attention. Good head and core stability means that your baby is not going to be a baby for much longer!

What Works Well:

SSCs, mei tais and wraps are all great carriers at this stage. Ring slings and pouches are great for quick in-and-out carries, but you may find your baby too heavy for these over long periods. Back carries are fine in all suitable carriers and you may find that it’s easier to put a sleeping baby down for nap than it was.

Things To Watch Out For:

By the end of this stage, you may have one or two “carrier strikes”- periods of time where your previously sling-loving baby doesn’t want to know about the carrier. Don’t worry: it’s temporary. Your older baby is asserting his/her independence and desire to explore the world in his/her own way. It will end! The baby who previously was velcro-wrapped to your back may now suddenly develop an interest in all things stroller. Go with what works best for you both.

You may find that your previously comfortable carrier becomes uncomfortable after a short time. Although this may possibly be your baby’s growing weight, it’s also possible that it’s fixable with a few tweaks. See here, here and here first before deciding if you need an upgrade.

Have you carried an older baby? How was it different to the newborn? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Steph is a Mum of three with a passion for babywearing and some excellent skills with knots.
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