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We are a group of parents in Australia and New Zealand who have discovered the joy of carrying our precious babies and toddlers in hands-free carriers that are comfortable for both ourselves and our children. These carriers have not only saved our time and arms/back, but also our sanity (especially for parents of multiple young children). As many of these carriers are currently not well known or widely available here, we aim to spread the word to other Aussie & Kiwi parents so that they can experience first-hand what a lifesaver a good carrier can be.

If you are a parent/expecting parent/caregiver of babies/toddlers/preschoolers and are interested in:

  • more info about all the great baby carriers out there and finding out which one(s) best fit your needs;
  • trying out some of these carriers before buying;
  • some help with a carrier you already own but have trouble using;
  • meeting with local babywearers across Australia and New Zealand;
  • participating in group orders or coops of the best overseas and local carriers; and/or
  • chatting with other parents about both babywearing and other parenting topics;

have a browse around this site or join our Google Group for more info. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions.

Baby Carriers Downunder
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5 Responses to About

  1. Anna says:


    I am currently pregnant with my first (only 16 weeks!) – I know I want a sling, but don’t really know what type! I would like to be able to use it from newborn – at least a year, and it be realtively simple to put on and off. Any suggestions? :O)

  2. Amanda says:

    The Ergo and the Moby Wrap are both AWESOME!

  3. Bernie says:

    I used a hug a bub and my little one loves it – he is almost 4 months and will fall asleep in it now in about 5 minutes when he is tired – it is great in the mall – keeps him up near me where we can chat!

  4. renee says:

    A hug a bub style sling is the way to go! it was voted the best in choice mags test of slings. You can mke your own by getting a strip of cotton jerty (t-shirt material) thats about 60cm wide and 5m long.

  5. Renee Brown says:

    be carefull though if you decide to buy your own cotton jersey, most from spotlight etc are not dense enough and have too much stretch, (just not good enough quality), it is ok with a really small baby but once the baby gets a bit heavier, the cheaper jersey fabric will sag heaps and not support the babies’ weight.

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