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An addict who started dealing to support my habit, I have been using baby slings and carriers for a few years now. My children (Sophia, born 2004; Jools, born 2005; Billy, born 2007) are happy to be lugged around town in mei tais, ring slings, soft structured carriers, and occasionally a tablecloth.

How Babywearing Supports Democracy

Women have been under-represented in Australian political life since Federation in 1901. Not only in the numbers of women in Parliament, but also in making their voices heard. Women don’t have the financial clout to lobby parties, as business leaders … Continue reading

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Baby carriers with bling

As I’ve said before on this blog and pretty anywhere else I talk about baby carriers (which is a lot of places!), I love a bit of glam in my babywearing stash. Once the baby’s tied on, nobody can see … Continue reading

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Babywearing supports breastfeeding

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! It’s celebrated internationally from 1 to 7 August 2010. Unlike breastfeeding, which is something normally done by the mother, babywearing can be done by anyone – breastfeeding or not. But one of the many cool things … Continue reading

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Carrying special needs children

When you have a child with physical issues that affect their mobility, or a child whose special needs mean they need extra emotional attachment, babywearing can help. No more safety worries for children with mobility issues, you can get things … Continue reading

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Canberra Babywearers Meet

Canberra Babywearers meet at 10am on the first Thursday of each month at Rodney’s Nursery cafe, 24 Beltana Road, Pialligo. All welcome, no cost. I’ve booked the wooden table in front of the cubby and kids playground, under the gazebo … Continue reading

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Slinglings with lurgies

The winter weather has started in Canberra, which means three months of non-stop snot in any household with children. When a toddler or pre-schooler has a lurgy, they’re more likely to want holding. And when all of them have lurgies, … Continue reading

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