Commonly-used Acronyms and Abbreviations

Here are some commonly-used acronyms in the BCD forum:

General Common Phrases:
AFAIK – as far as I know
AIO – All-In-One cloth nappy
AP – attachment parenting
ASAP – as soon as possible
ATM – at the moment
BF – boyfriend or best friend
BIL – brother in law
BN – Brand New
BNIB – Brand New In Box
BRB – Be Right Back
BTW – by the way
BW – babywearing
bump – Contentless post made for the purpose of “bumping” a thread to the top of the forum
CB – Carrier Bilby
CC – Credit Card
CIO – crying it out (usually refers to sleep training)
CLW – Child Led Weaning
CS – Customer Service
CYE – Check Your E-mail
DC – Dear Child
DD – Direct Deposit
DD – Dear Daughter
DF – Dear Fiance(e)
DH – Dear Husband
DP – Dear Partner
DS – Dear Son
DW – Dear Wife
EC – elimination communication
ETA – Edited To Add
EUC – Excellent Used Condition
FA – For Auction
FAK – feeding at keyboard
FIL – father in law
FS – For Sale
FB – Feedback
FSOT – For Sale Or Trade
FT – For Trade
FWIW – for what it’s worth
FYI – for your information
GN – Gender Neutral
GUC – Good Used Condition
HB – homebirth
HTF – Hard To Find
HTH – hope this helps
IIRC – if I recall correctly
IL – in laws
IM – Instant Message
IMHO – in my humble opinion
IMNSHO – in my not-so-humble opinion
IME – in my experience
IMO – in my opinion
ISO/IDSO – In (Desperate) Search Of
IRL – In Real Life
IYKWIM – if you know what I mean
ITA – I totally agree
IOW – in other words
IYKWIM – if you know what I mean
IYSWIM – if you see what I mean
JIC – just in case
JM(H)O – just my (humble) opinion
KWIM – know what I mean?
LMK – let me know
LE – limited edition
LO – loved one/little one
LOL – laughing out loud
LMAO – lauging my a** off
MIL – mother in law
MW – midwife
NAK – nursing at keyboard
NC – nappycino forum (
NCSS – The No Cry Sleep Solution, book by Elizabeth Pantley describing a gentle sleep training method
NINO – Nine In, Nine Out (babywearing support and advocacy organization, no longer in existance)
NIP – New In Package
NP – natural parenting (usually refers to the forum at
NWT – New With Tags
NWOT – New Without Tags
OHT – One-Handed Typing
OOAK – one-of-a-kind
OP – Original Post/Poster
OSFM – One Size Fits Most (in reference to cloth nappy design)
OT – Off Topic
OTOH – on the other handPOV – point of view
PAK – (Breast) Pumping At Keyboard
PM – Private Message
PP – PayPal
PP – Previous Poster
PPD – Postage Paid (postage cost is included in price)
ROFL/ROTFL – rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO – rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
SAHM/SAHD/SAHP – stay at home mom/dad/parent
SSC – soft structured carrier
S/O – spin off (usually a new thread that’s related to another thread)
SO – Significant Other
SIL – sister in law
TIA – thanks in advance
TBA – to be announced
TBH – to be honest
TDF – To Die For
TMI – too much information (relates to the disclosure of very personal information, often regarding bodily functions)
TTFN – ta ta for now
TFS – Thanks For Sharing
VGC -Very Good Condition
WAH(M/D/P) – work at home (mom/dad/parent)
WB – waterbirth
WDYT – What do you think?
WOH(M/D/P) – working outside the home (mom/dad/parent)
WSS – What She Said (agreeing with an earlier poster)
WWYD – What Would You Do?
YIM – Yahoo Instant Messenger
YMMV – your mileage may vary (IOW, what worked for me may not work the same way for you)
YK – you know?

Types of Carriers & Carrier Features:
ABC – Asian-style baby carrier
GSW – German style woven (wrap)
MT – mei tai
Onbu – onbuhimo
Pod – podaegi, podegi, podeagi
RS – ring sling
SPOC – simple piece of cloth (a wrap; often refers to a homemade one)
SSC – soft-structured carrier

Carriers/Vendors Commonly Referred to With an Acronym or Abbreviation:
ATB – Attached to Baby
BB – Baby Bjorn
BB – Beetle Bums
BB HB – Beetle Bums half buckle
BBB – Babies Beyond Borders
BBB – Bali Baby Breeze (made by Gypsy Mama)
BBS – Bali Baby Stretch (made by Gypsy Mama)
BH – BabyHawk (mei tai)
BH XT – BabyHawk XT (extra tall) model
BBO – Ball Baby Overalls (mei tai)
CBB – Catbird Baby (mei tai)
CGW – Colorgrown waves (a Didymos woven wrap)
CSE – Cashmere Silk Ellipsen (a Didymos woven wrap)
CSRS – Chicken Scratch Ring Sling
Didy – Didymos (woven wraps)
E2E – Eye to Eye, a Scandinavian mei tai, usually with a pointy hood and elaborate appliqu?
ER – EllaRoo
ER – Earthy Rainbow Girasol (woven wrap)
ERLP – EllaRoo Lightly Padded Sling
ERMT – Ellaroo Mei Tei
FH – Freehand (mei tai)
Gira/Girasol – (woven wrap)
GM – Gypsy Mama
GM BBB – Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze (wrap)
GM BBS – Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch (wrap)
HAB – Hug-a-Bub (stretchy wrap)
Himmel – a brand of mei tai from the US
Hop(p) – Hoppediz (woven wrap)
HS – Hotslings (pouch)
H2H – Heart to Heart
JJ – Jim Jade (a Didymos woven wrap)
KC – Kinder Carry (Mei Tai by Magicsling)
KKACP – Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Cotton Pouch
KKAFP – Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch
Kozy – Kozy Carrier Mei Tai
LE – Limited edition (as in a limited release woven wrap)
Manduca – brand of adjustable SSC
MF – Mei Favorite (by Babies Beyond Borders)
MnM – Mom and Me Creations
MMIAP – Mamma’s Milk Invisibly Adjustable Pouch
MTB – Mei Tai Baby (mei tai)
MW – Maya Wrap (ring sling)
NN – New Native
NHT – Nurslings Hemp Tie (mei tai)
O&A – Olives And Applesauce (soft structured carrier / buckle carrier)
OB – Olivia Bolivia, a Scandi-style mei tai from the US
OMT – Octi Mei Tai (mei tai made from a woven wrap)
OTSBH – Over the Shoulder Baby Holder
Pfau – a Didymos woven wrap with peacocks on it
PIP – Pea in the Pod
POC – Piece of Cloth (a US carrier vendor, or it could mean a simple piece of cloth)
PS – Peanut Shell (pouch)
RR – Rainbow Revolution (a wrap dye artist on Etsy)
SaB – Scootababy (hip carrier / SSC)
SB – Sakura Bloom (ring sling)
SBP – Sleeping Baby Productions (ring sling)
SIL – Slings I Love (carrier vendor in the US)
SLM – Sweet Little Monkey
Storch – Storchenwiege (woven wrap and also ring slings)
The Dragon – a nickname for a Jim Jade Didymos woven wrap
TMT – Taylor Made Treasures (now known as Taylor Made)
TTBH – Two-tone BabyHawk (mei tai)
UBW – Ultimate Baby Wrap
Vat – Vatanai (woven wrap)
WO – Walter’s Organic

Carrier Positions and Methods of Tying (Wraps):
BC – back carry
BWCC- back wrap cross carry
BWCC w/ CB- back wrap cross carry with a chest belt
CB – chest belt
CHCC – coolest hip cross carry
COW – Carry of the Week (a program of practising different wrap carries as a group, sharing tips & pics)
FC – front carry
FCC – front cross carry
FFO – front facing out
FWCC- front wrap cross carry
HCC – hip cross carry
JBC – Jordan’s back carry
KC – Kangaroo carry
Lexi twist – method of twisting straps behind baby’s back before bringing it to the front/back of wearer
PWCC – pocket wrap cross carry
Ruck – rucksack back carry
RUB – rucksack tied under bum
RTIF – rucksack tied in front
SHBC – secured high back carry
T2T – Tummy-to-tummy, also called snuggle hold
TC – Taiwanese carry
Tibetan – method of tying shoulder straps in the back carry by threading through the backpack straps and tying above the chest (giving a chest belt effect)
WCC – wrap cross carry
WOE – Wrap Once Everyday (a program of practising different wrap carries as a group, sharing tips & pics)
WPBC- Wiggle-proof back carry