Vendor Posting Guidelines – Google Group

We welcome all AU & NZ babywearing vendors who are interested in sharing their knowledge, experience, and love of babywearing with others. However, we do not welcome vendors whose sole��intention for being in the group is to promote their products or “check out the competition”, so to speak. If you are a vendor, please post and share your knowledge with the rest of us. Vendors who have not posted after one month of being in the group will be asked to post or leave the group.

Out of courtesy to other vendors, please do not put down other competing products while promoting the one you are selling (e.g. “my wrap is better than xyz wrap”). A good product will stand up on its own merit.

Please do not spam your products in response to normal posts. You are welcome to promote your products, announce special sales/discounts, etc. ONLY in the Vendors Competitions/Offers sticky thread at the top of the Discussions forum. If you want to run/offer a coop or if you are unsure about anything, please contact one of the moderators first. When posting on the FSOT thread, please identify yourself as a babywearing vendor.