Printable Posters

These posters are individual files you can print from your home printer. They contain the COCAM imagery with links to all the major Downunder sites as well as space to include your local sling group information. You can print them and put them on community noticeboards in local GP clinics, playgroups, child health clinics, community centers- anywhere you think parents of young children will see them!

Babywearing Gets You Close:

COCAM A4 Posters_Close

Babywearing Gets You There:

COCAM A4 Posters_There

Babywearing Gets the Job Done:

COCAM A4 Posters_Job Done

Babywearing Gets Your Family:

COCAM A4 Posters_Family

 Printable Pamphlets

Based on our “Choosing a Baby Carrier” page, this printable guide can be downloaded and used for sling groups, classes and demonstrations. Private use only please.

BCD choosing and using

Based on community photographs and the TICKS guidelines, this printable pamphlet covers the basics of newborn babywearing safety. It is designed for use with sling meets, classes, demonstrations and for new parents generally. Many thanks to the babywearing communities of BCD and our friends at Babywearing Buy Sell Swap and Babywearing Australia for volunteering photos for this pamphlet.

Newborn Safety

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    Is there any Tula I can borrow? I have an 11 months baby and I’m pregnant so would love to be able to try to wear him on my back.

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