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Eco-warrior parenting – the benefits of babywearing

Did you go to a Walk Against Warming 2009 event on Saturday 12 December? ABC News says there were more than 90,000 people at rallies around Australia, including over 2,000 at the Parliament House rally in Canberra. I spotted ring … Continue reading

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Is Wearing my Child the Cause or the Cure of her High Needs?

On a babywearing blog, I suppose the argument I’m going to make here isn’t that surprising. It’s the cure, not the cause. Here’s my story: I have a high needs baby. She’s mindblowing. There is only one person she wants … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Slingmeets

She’s a’coming and she’s going to be a biggun. Where: Parliament House, Canberra (Australia) When: 7th September, 2009, 11:30 am. Why: It’s Homebirth Australia’s rally. It turns out that a lot of babywearers are either homebirthers or supportive of a … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Get Serious: The Family Wedding

Most babywearing manufacturers are adamant that swimming is not something you should be doing while babywearing. If it was something that ever came up, swimming in a shark-infested tank would definitely be high on the verboten list. However, a family … Continue reading

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Guerilla Babywearing

No, this is not about putting a baby gorilla in a sling. You’ve probably heard of flash mobs, where a group meets in a public place at a precise time to do something that draws attention. And no doubt you … Continue reading

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