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Enjoying our babywearing independence

If you’ve been following the Baby Carriers Downunder blog, you may have noticed we don’t write a lot of posts along the lines of “OMG! I so love [insert brand here]”. In fact, we don’t have any posts that sing … Continue reading

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Blended Fibers: Support and Market Positioning

There’s nothing that gets an internet babywearing forum jiving like the prospect of a new silk wrap. Or a hemp wrap. Or a linen. Or a wool. Blended fibers are the wrap du jour! We’ve talked before about how creating … Continue reading

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Special Editions and Special Wraps: Special Marketing

There are special editions galore at some wrap manufacturers and at others, there are none at all but a very limited quantity of certain wraps in regular production. What gives? These are two different ways that carrier manufacturers develop a … Continue reading

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If these slings are so cool, why can’t I buy them at KMart?

There’s a lot of things KMart are good at. Making commonly used products available to the masses at an affordable price pretty much sums it up. So if baby slings are so great, why can’t we get more of them … Continue reading

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