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Carrying special needs children

When you have a child with physical issues that affect their mobility, or a child whose special needs mean they need extra emotional attachment, babywearing can help. No more safety worries for children with mobility issues, you can get things … Continue reading

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Could babywearers outrun the Daleks?

Today was the Inner North Community Fair in Canberra, celebrating the wetlands to be built on Hawdon Oval in Dickson. And it looked almost as much like Babywearer Central as the Homebirth Rally at Parliament House back in September 2009. … Continue reading

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Babywearing post C-Section

Birth doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes it does go to plan and that plan involves a caesar. This can present its own babywearing challenges and Rae, who’s been there twice, lets us in on her strategies for babywearing after … Continue reading

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Wearing Two as a Way of Life

The next in our tandem babywearing series, Sarah talks about wearing her toddler and her infant. Previous posts on tandem babywearing include Ruby’s post on wearing her newborn twins. I never intended to spend several hours a day wearing a … Continue reading

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