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  1. Mel W says:

    I joined BCD a couple of months ago, when I moved back to Brisbane and was expecting my second baby. It has changed my life. I have met like-minded people who nurture and care for me and my family – and have made friends that I believe I will know long after my babywearing days are over!

    My eyes were opened to babywearing after our first child joined us – she was ‘needy’, ‘cried all the time’, was ‘fussy’ and just wanted to be held. So, instead of fighting it, I ‘gave in’ and wore her! Our bond intensified and she still loves to be worn occasionally (at nearly 3yo). I used pouches and a DIY ringsling back then….

    Now I love using my wraps and Mei Tais. Im obsessed! My DS (3.5mo) is wrapped for a minimum of 5hrs a day and we ALL love it. I wouldnt have had the patience (or guts!) to learn to wrap had it not been for all my pals on BCD. He sleeps well, feeds well and does all the things a little baby is meant to do – one thing that really gets me though is the trust I see in his eyes.

    Paulus really is a guru – I only wish I could help as many as you have. What a wonderful person to understand the need of all of our babies to be held, and to actually do something about it! ThankYOU Paulus 🙂

  2. Lara S says:

    Babywearing is just so wonderful, and being part of the BCD group enables me to share experiences, get advice when I need it and connect with friendly, like-minded people.

    Before my daughter was born, I knew nothing of babywearing options apart from Baby Bjorns. I have come so far in such a short time, thanks to BCD. We are so much better off for it!

    I enjoy being part of the group almost as much as I enjoy babywearing itself. HUGE thanks to Paulus for the time and effort he puts into being our go-to expert on babywearing!

  3. Karen (KarriMeBub) says:

    Babywearing is fantastic. I wish I’d stumbled upon this with my first child… as it was, I only used the bjorn for my 1st child (& was not totally happy with it but loved carrying him all the same so struggled & made do with the bjorn). I then stumbled upon the Mei Tai over the internet hence started to make my own brand of carriers with my 2nd child. Only my 3rd child has had the priviledge of experiencing all the different carriers that I have bought & borrowed (& many more to be borrowed, I think! Great carrier library too!) since joining BCD!

    The Co-ops organised by Paulus are excellent & definitely helps make buying beautiful carriers (amongst many other things) a lot easier!

    I have also made a lot of nice new friends since joining the group which is great.

    Also recently thanks to the fantastic supply of information & help within the group, I have managed to finally learn how to use my wrap. Yay!

    Thanks to all at BCD & especially Paulus for the support & friendship.

  4. Maelle says:

    I joined BCD after the birth of my second child. I’d worn my first child in a Hug-a-Bub as a newborn which was great and I expected to do the same with my second but discovered to my dismay that she preferred to be carried differently. Paulus helped us out when she was 3wks old and we were able to try out a Vatanai woven wrap. Thanks to his help we were able to put her on our back while she slept which was a lifesaver as our older daughter was pretty needy at that stage and needed lots of cuddles and attention. Thank you Paulus!!

    Babywearing is easy, but at the same time it can be tricky finding the perfect carrier for both parent AND baby, and this is where this group is so great. I’ve been able to borrow carriers to find what was right for me before buying and I’ve had lots of great advice on what would suit me and my baby.

    Since I’ve joined the group, I’ve been able to participate in the coops and acquire a few more carriers and also sell the carriers I don’t use anymore to make space for the new ones.

    It has been wonderful being part of such an active group and meeting like-minded people living in the same city and sharing the same passion.

  5. Danielle says:

    From birth it was difficult to put my little man down – he was (and still is) what William and Martha Sears describe as a “high needs baby”. Trying to carry him in arms and do things like housework, cooking and shopping was almost impossible… imagine me trying to bake scones using only one hand!

    A lovely friend pointed me towards BCD and life just got easier and happier from there! I found some wonderfully comfortable carriers which allowed me to be close to my little one and continue to do all the day-to-day things that Mothers need to do. As long as I carry my baby he is content.

    I now have an attentive little toddler who I still carry daily – being close to me while I’m busy allows him to be a part of my world. He is aware of all my subtle body language and is a part of what I am doing – all the while his little mind is storing away these wonderful experiences and learning.

    It is great being part of a group of people who appreciate the benefits of having your little one close. The invaluable advice I’ve received and the friendships I’ve made have enriched my life.

  6. Jessie Offer says:

    I joined BCD a couple of weeks ago with the idea of finding some likeminded babywearers. I am so glad I did. As a young Mama I have felt totally welcomed and comfortable with this group of lovely people. I am learning more every day and although my bank balance is suffering – my love for babywearing is growing. I adore having my little one close and I love being surrounded by people with similar parenting ideals to me. A huge thank you to Paulus and his wife Mel who have been so supportive and fantastic for creating this group. I feel truly blessed.

  7. Nikki says:

    I’ve been a member of the group for almost a year now, and I have received invaluable advice and enjoyed myself immensely. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Brisbane a few times and go to the sling meets, which were wonderful for meeting like-minded parents, not to mention trying lots and lots of carriers! We also recently had the honour of hosting the group leader, Paulus, and his family for a weekend on our farm, and we all had a fantastic time! Through the group, I’ve been able to buy carriers that have been perfect for my needs, at prices I could afford, as well as try various carriers before buying, to be sure they were “the right one”. Paulus and Mel are dedicated and generous people who make this group possible, please come on in and join us 🙂

  8. Ange says:

    I joined BCD about 6 weeks ago and can honestly say it has changed my life!

    I am mum to (now) 8 month old twins, and daily life consisted of battles with a twin pram to go out, attempting to juggle two babies awkwardly when they were unsettled, or worse – only being able to soothe one at a time, at times unable to attend to housework, and generally feeling there must be a better way – yes twins are meant to be harder work, but surely not like this.

    BCD has given me the information and confidence to now carry two at once (not to mention access to great carriers) and I’m hooked.

    It is now a regular site for me to be wandering around the neighbourhood, markets/shops or just out and about, wearing one bubby on the back, the other on the front. The freedom is unbelievable – I can get housework done, go shopping WITH A TROLLY (twin prams don’t hold much, and don’t fit through normal checkouts) and there are places I can now go a twin pram could not. If they’re unsettled, I put them on and my boys fall asleep within moments. It’s just the most magical feeling snuggling and being snuggled by both of them, knowing they’re safe.

    I get many looks and comments, my favourite is ” you’ve got your hands full” I hold up both my hands innocently and reply ” no, my hands are free” – yours could be too!

    Thank you Paulus and everyone for all your great tips and wonderful encouragement.


    (oh-and the pram has only had a run twice in this time, and seemed so cumbersome!)

  9. Betty says:

    Paulus was EXTREMELY helpful and informative when I e-mailed Baby Carriers Downunder, asking for help and information about a range of different carriers that I had “seen” on the internet. His replies to my e-mails have always been well considered, both answering my questions clearly, and raising issues that I had not considered but are important in my situation. It is clear that he loves what he does, as my e-mails were answered almost instantaneously – very much appreciated. Now I am excitedly waiting for my carriers to arrive. Thank you Paulus and Baby Carriers Downunder.

  10. Paula T says:

    I have carried my babies in various slings with not much comfort for either of us. In fact, lots of back, neck and shoulder pain for me and carpel tunnel in my wrists and hands. I stumbled upon the BCD website and was so relieved to have found somewhere to help with finding a better alternative. The site moderator, Paulus, has been so quick to help, offer experienced and wise advice. I’ve only had my new wrap (Storchenweige) for a couple of days and am so happy and relieved to be wearing my bubs in such a comfortable and secure way with both hands free! The weave/material is so beautiful to feel and look at. Thank you so much. I love it! And thanks for the great web links re. video demonstrations of tying the wrap – these have added a few tricks to tying that I couldn’t see in the instructional DVD that came with the wrap! I am now a wrap addict! Big thanks!

  11. Elke says:

    WOW! We feel so blessed to have stumbled across BCD and especially PAULUS! You are a true gem, someone who gives so much. Paulus has been truly a life saver for our babywearing relationship. We realised once we stumbled across BCD how little we knew about baby wearing. We had been using a pouch sling with our daughter (8 months old now) and loved the bonding, closeness and mobility it gave our family. However we didn’t always find it extremely versatile or comfortable for extended periods of time. When our daughter was 5 months old, I was diagnosed with pregnancy and lactation related osteoporosis and it was discovered I had multiple vertebral fractures. Among the myriad of bombshell feelings that hit with this diagnosis, I was devastated to think I would never be able to ‘wear’ bub again. A friend referred us to BCD and Paulus, suggesting he may be able to help! WOW, WHAT FANTASTIC HELP WE RECEIVED FROM PAULUS!!!!!! 🙂 He was extremely informative, helpful, kind and generous. He sent us two different carriers he thought would be suitable for my situation with instructional DVD’s and offered online help and support whenever we needed it. We LOVE the MeiTai. And when I say WE I mean bub, mum, dad and THE WHOLE FAMILY! Our daughter loved to be carried with poppa, nanna, aunty lisa, aunty judi….. and especially MUMMY! I couldn’t believe that I was still able to ‘wear’ our daughter and how comfortable it was. We now go EVERYWHERE with the MeiTai – we don’t leave home without it, or even be at home without it!!!! 🙂 THANKYOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH PAULUS! You have given our family a beautiful gift! 🙂 What an amazing person you are an what a fantastic community you have created.

  12. Bron says:

    Love the group! Full of supportive and knowledgeable people who LOVE to enable!

  13. Esther says:

    I joined BCD early on, back in April ’07. It’s been such a fantastic place to learn about carriers, meet like-minded parents and try out all sorts of different carriers.

    It has been so beneficial for my babywearing and on top of that, I’ve met some really awesome fellow babywearers. Some of them online and far away and some here in NZ and I even got to meet 3 of them in real life.
    They have become real friends!

    Thanks Palus, for this great group!

    Esther in NZ

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